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The Corbett Education Foundation was founded in 1997 as a non-profit organization managed by an all-volunteer board of people dedicated to the education of our youth.  Our mission is “——-to help provide a quality education for every student in the Corbett School District through financial and other means of support for District students, staff and programs.”

We achieve this goal in two principal ways:  First and foremost our core activity is scholarships.  We solicit individuals, families, businesses and civic organizations willing to fund a modest scholarship ($500.00) for a Corbett Graduate or alumni who has graduated within the previous five years.

These scholarship donors name and describe their own scholarship and set the criteria required to apply or to renew.  We insure that 100% of their donated scholarship funds go toward their dedicated scholarship.  (This is possible because we use the proceeds from our annual Columbia Gorge Arts Festival to pay all foundation overhead expenses).

Second, we form committees dedicated to specific tasks which support our area youth in a ways which are in line with our mission.

Two recent examples are the Jeff Lucas Memorial Stadium project in which many community members contributed time and money to present a sports stadium to the school in support of school athletics.  The Corbett School Fund represents another task-the direct donation of money to the School District in order to prevent cuts to programs and services and otherwise improve the educational experience of our youth.

Our task is not to judge the worthiness of each cause, it is only to decide whether or not it supports our youth.  If it does, we willingly include it under our umbrella of activities so that those who donate may receive a charitable gift deduction.  We forward 100% of donations received directly to the specific cause for which it was targeted.

Nearly all money received by CEF has been donated for a specific purpose as directed by each individual donor or group of donors. We have received and forwarded numerous small donations.  For  example:  Corbett Children’s Theater lighting, youth summer sports athletic gear, a weather station at Corbett School, band instruments, science lab equipment and many, many small projects which support our youth.  We receive donations to our Endowment Fund.  The interest from these endowments is dedicated to the specific purposes required of the donor.  For example:  we have several endowed scholarships which are funded each year from the interest earned.

We do occasionally receive small donations to our general fund.  We use this modest account to fund special student and teacher projects throughout the year as well as several scholarships.

The Foundation works in cooperation with the Corbett School District, but is a separate organization, independent of the school administration.  CEF does not get involved in school politics.  We do not advise the school administration nor do we advise the School Board of Education.  We do not receive any public funds.   We do not choose sides in the many school controversies which swirl around our community.  We believe that our youth need the support of caring adults always regardless of whether our schools are at a high point, a low point or somewhere in between.

We direct donated funds to various activities which support our youth.  We do not pass judgement.  However, we, as CEF volunteers, put our real energies into what we consider our core mission – scholarships for our graduates and alumni.  We live in a time when citizens must have greater and greater levels of skills and the cost of acquiring these skills has sky rocketed beyond the means of most families.  We believe that year after year, our efforts to enlist others to help fund scholarships for our youth will provide them with the most bang for the buck and in many cases will be the deciding factor allowing them to remain in school and complete their training.


Because we are a 501(c)3 non profit corporation, your donations to us are tax deductible.  Our receipts to you for your donation will include our tax identification number for your use when filing for a tax deduction.


The Corbett Education Foundation encourages you to visit our site regularly.  We hope that you will support the businesses and organizations.


Corbett Education Foundation

35800 E. Historic Columbia River Highway
Corbett, OR 97019
(503) 261-4252 

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