General Notes About This Catalog:

The catalog found below provides a description of scholarships available from Corbett Education Foundation as of December 2016. This description includes the following:

1.) Scholarship title,
2.) Basis for the scholarship, and,
3.) Criteria for each scholarship as indicated for each specific donor.

The descriptions found in this catalog DO NOT INCLUDE the procedures which are required to successfully apply for and maintain CEF sponsored scholarships. These procedures are common to all scholarships and can be found under “Scholarship Applicaion Process” and “Student FAQ”.

Again the descriptions in this catalog apply to the specific scholarship as shown and the procedures common to all CEF sponsored scholarships are not repeated here. Application Deadline April 1st.

Note to Corbett Graduates and Alumni
Print or download a .pdf version of the scholarship catalog from here.
Click below to learn more about each scholarship.
Albert Kimbley Memorial Scholarship
Baker Homestead Trust Scholarship
Breakfast with Santa Scholarship
Charles Wesley Post Memorial Scholarship – CEF Sponsored
Class of 1974 Scholarship
Colleen and Clarence Mershon Family Perpetual Scholarship
Corbett Teachers Association Scholarship
Crown Point Refuse and Recycling, Inc. Scholarship
Dawkins Family Scholarship
DeeDee Hanes and Family Scholarship
Dewey Dental Education Scholarship
Doug Layton Memorial Scholarship
Edie Faught/Columbian Garden Club Scholarship
Frank Stuart Driver Memorial Scholarship
Gyerko Family Scholarships
J. Frank Schmidt, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Jeff Lucas Memorial Stadium Committee Scholarship

Joelle and Darren Bareuther Scholarship
Krystal Pomante Memorial Perpetual Scholarship
Lillian and Vernon (Dobie) Dobrinski Memorial Scholarship
Lou and Jim Cowling Memorial Scholarship
Luna Family Scholarship
Moen Machinery Company Scholarship
Monica and Rick Layton Family Scholarship
Multnomah Falls Lodge Scholarship
N.E.M.C.C.A./OBA (Oregon Biker’s Association)
Nolan’s point.S Tire Scholarship
Pat and Ted Davenport Corbett Community Scholarship
Phillip Pearson Family Scholarship
Ruth and Dick Ellis Memorial Scholarship
Schneringer Family Memorial Scholarship
School Board Scholarships
Simeon Family Scholarship
Superintendent’s Scholarship
Tomorrow’s Promise Perpetual Scholarship – Number One
Total Rental Center Scholarship