Each year Corbett Education Foundation (CEF) issues scholarships to two general groups of applicants as follows:


First-time applicants, either those who are graduating from Corbett High School during the current year, or those who have graduated from Corbett High School in earlier years and who have not previously applied for a CEF
scholarship but are still eligible. (See note below.)


Past Corbett High School graduates who have received a CEF scholarship during the previous year and who wish to re-apply for the upcoming year, and
Eligible past graduates of Corbett High School who have been awarded a CEF scholarship before but who have not applied for a scholarship for one or more years. (See note below.)

NOTE: All Corbett High School graduates are eligible to apply for a CEF scholarship up to five years following their high school graduation date, i.e., graduated CHS in 2016 – may apply for academic year 2021-2022 by adhering to that year’s application deadline.

Scholarship FAQ

Table 1 indicates the completed application forms and their attached documents which are required for Group A and for Group B applicants.

The first step for any applicant is to choose whether they belong to Group A or Group B based on the descriptions provided.

The second step is to note those forms/documents in Table 1 which show a submittal deadline under each group heading. If a deadline date is shown, then that completed form/document is to be submitted on or prior to the date shown.

The third step is to follow the written procedure set forth in this section for the completion of each of the forms/documents for your group.

To get started, click on this link to download the CEF Application Form and then continue reading.

Important Reminder

Scholarship Application packets are due by April 1st. They must be mailed to Corbett Education Foundation, 35800 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Corbett, OR, 97019. Electronic copies are not acceptable.


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A. Application Form

NOTE: ALL applicants must fill out the application form itself.

For those applicants belonging to Group A, this form requires four attached documents as follows:

  1. Personal Statement
  2. Two Letters of Recommendation
  3. Activities Record
  4. High School Transcript

Attached document completion for the Application Form:

1. Personal Statement – This statement should be approximately 500 words in length and provide the reader with an opportunity to learn about the applicant’s interests and aspirations. Applicants should describe developments in their lives which have defined their interests. If the applicant has not decided on a college major, then he/she should outline a plan for doing so. Note that two sample Personal Statements are available on this website, Sample 1/Sample 2.

2. Two Letters of Recommendation – It is a good idea for applicants to request these letters early in the senior year of high school to minimize the “rush” on the writers. These letters can be requested from teachers or any other responsible adult who is well-acquainted with the applicant, i.e., coach, employer, scout leader, etc. The writer, however, cannot be a relative of the applicant. See Sample 3 on this website.

3. Activities Record – The activities information is supplied by simply completing the Activities Record form. See the blank form on this website. Activities Record.

4. High School Transcript – Please contact the appropriate staff member for a transcript printout at no cost to the applicant.

 B. Acceptance Package

This package is for those who have received official notice from CEF that a scholarship has been awarded. Recipients must submit the Acceptance Package by the published deadline in order to receive the scholarship funds. The Acceptance Package includes the following:

  1. “Facebook” sign-up
  2. Thank You Letter
  3. Name of college; title of financial aid office and its address
  4. Student email address and student ID number
  5. Name of parents, their mailing address and email address

Attached document completion for the Acceptance Package:

1. “Facebook” Sign-up – Submittal deadlines are provided on the CEF Facebook page. In order to receive these deadline alerts, applicants must sign-up on Facebook and “like” us.

2. Thank You Letter – This letter is to be addressed to the Corbett Education Foundation and to the specific donor. One letter to both of the above addressees is sufficient. See sample letter for your reference on this website, Sample 4.

3. and 4. College Information – It is important that CEF have a means to contact the scholarship recipient in case any questions or issues should arise. This information must be kept current by the student. It is also important CEF have an accurate address to which the scholarship check can be sent.

5. Parent Information – In the rare case where the student cannot be contacted, then the parental information becomes important.

C. Progress Report/College Transcript

The Progress Report provides a means to track the progress of scholarship recipients as they accomplish their educational goals. Mid-year information is requested in regard to the students’ grades, their major, and their college location. This information is not only of interest to the CEF Board Members, but also to the specific donor. Scholarship recipients must answer all questions and provide all information requested to retain eligibility for future scholarship awards. Note that it is not necessary to submit an “official” college transcript which usually involves a fee. An “unofficial” college transcript will suffice in most cases.

Click on this link to download a copy of the blank ProgressReport 03 21 2023


During previous years, some applicants did not receive a CEF scholarship due to lack of funding to cover the sharp increase in application volume that CEF received. Because of this funding shortfall, CEF has focused on the quality of the application documents as well as their submittal deadlines. For instance, if it is apparent that application documents have been filled out by someone other than the applicant, then that document will be rejected and a scholarship will not be awarded. Accordingly, if a deadline has been missed, then that applicant will not be awarded a scholarship for that year.

CEF has undertaken these actions because we feel it is part of our mission to partner with parents/guardians to help develop responsible young adults who are prepared to meet life’s demands.

At the same time, CEF strives to be fair about the administration of the above-mentioned guidelines. If school closure or any other unforeseen emergency prohibits the prompt delivery of an application document(s), then allowances will be made at the discretion of CEF.

It is important to note that the CEF software will not allow the digital transfer of data entered on the application documents. These forms must either be copied and filled out manually, or filled out on-line, copied, and sent to CEF via USPS or hand-delivered to the School District office by the submittal deadline.

Scholarship FAQ

You can email us at scholarship@corbetteducationfoundation.org with questions.

You can send us a note or letter via USPS at:

Corbett Education Foundation 35800 E. Historic Columbia River Highway Corbett, OR 97019