Scholarship Catalog

General Notes About This Catalog:

The catalog found below provides a description of scholarships available from Corbett Education Foundation as of March 2023 This description includes the following:

1.) Scholarship title,
2.) Basis for the scholarship, and,
3.) Criteria for each scholarship as indicated for each specific donor.

The descriptions found in this catalog DO NOT INCLUDE the procedures which are required to successfully apply for and maintain CEF sponsored scholarships.

These procedures are common to all scholarships and can be found under Scholarship Applicaion Process and Scholarship FAQ

The descriptions in this catalog apply to the specific scholarship as shown and the procedures common to all CEF sponsored scholarships are not repeated here.

Application Deadline April 1st.

The Corbett Education Foundation is committed to helping students seeking financial assistance for a further education during a period of up to five years after high school graduation. In this catalog you will find an assortment of scholarships which provide this assistance to qualified applicants. Funding is being provided by individuals, family groups, businesses and community organizations who believe in Corbett graduates and wish to contribute to their success.

The availability of CEF sponsored scholarships, during any one year, is contingent upon the aforementioned donations and the success of fundraising activities. For this reason not all scholarships will be available every year.

Graduates will automatically be considered for all available scholarships for which they are eligible; however, CEF encourages students to list their first three preferences on the application form and develop the personal statement with these preferences in mind. The personal statement can then be used to inform readers as to the aspirations and personality of the applicant. CEF encourages applicants to seek out those specific scholarships which outline criteria which are consistent with their career interests.
Application forms may be down loaded and printed from this website. The completed forms must be mailed (USPS) or personally delivered to the Corbett Education Foundation office at the middle school by the published deadline date. ELECTRONIC COPIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

Hard copies of the scholarship application and renewal forms can be obtained from the CEF office if the on-line download is not achievable. If you desire hard copies be sure to contact CEF early to allow for sufficient time required for USPS delivery.

Print or download Scholarship Catalog from here.

Important Reminder

Scholarship Application packets are due by April 1st. They must be mailed to Corbett Education Foundation, 35800 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Corbett, OR, 97019. Electronic copies are not acceptable.


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