About Us

The Corbett Education Foundation (CEF) was formed during June of 1997. Two years of organizational development brought together a group of committed community members with a common vision for our students’ success. CEF projects included the “snack shack”, the jogging trail, greenhouse projects, the football stadium project, and so on. Recently, our mission has focused primarily on the creation and funding of scholarships made available to students pursuing an education beyond high school.

Corbett Education Foundation is a non-profit corporation which is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization. CEF is an entity separate from the school district which it serves and all members are volunteers.

Current Board Members

Deb Granberg, Chairman 

Jim Ellis, Vice Chairman 

Dona Layton, Co-Secretary

Heather Jones, Co-Secretary 

Bob Buttke, Treasurer

Kari Calcaterra

James Sorenson
Jim Tanner
Catherine Buttke
Roger Mackaness
Michelle Dawkins