Information about Corbett Education Foundation (CEF)

  • History
    • The Corbett Education Foundation was formed June, 1997. Two years of hard work brought together a group of committed community members who had a vision.  To seek monetary support to help further the education of our students. The Foundation is an Oregon non-profit corporation and registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3).
  • Mission
    • Seek out and encourage private funding for student-oriented education programs and practices
    • Support public-private partnership opportunities benefiting the students of the Corbett Schools.
    • Raise public awareness of the responsibility that the Corbett community shares with the Corbett School District in maintaining and enhancing quality public education.
  • Members/Directors

Who we are and what attracts us to this foundation

If you were to look at a group photo of CEF directors, you would say that we looked like a representative cross section of our community with perhaps a higher percentage of grey hair.  As individuals we span the spectrum of gender, age, general appearance, political beliefs, life styles, religious beliefs and all the other differences that make our community a great place to live and raise our families.  As different as we are, we do have five traits in common which bond us together as a group.

  1. We are people for others.  We are first and foremost community minded.
  2. We are optimists.  We believe strongly in our young people, for they are our hope.
  3. We are realistic yet stubbornly dedicated.  We are in it for the long haul; there isn’t a believer in the quick fix among us.
  4. We believe training and education are a rainbow with no end.  We all believe that every one of our school children from K-12 needs our support and that each of their teachers deserve all the help we can give.  However, our individual beliefs in the wisdom of our school’s actions vary across the spectrum.  While we believe that no single educational system can meet the diverse learning styles and needs of every child, we know that there exists something for everyone.  For this reason, we all believe that the support of education and training outside and after our locally funded K-12 school system is essential if all of our children are to succeed.
  5. We crackle with energy and we are all people who believe in action, so when we see a real need and a chance to help our youth we love the fact that we can get involved immediately.  We love the fact that only our resources and our energy limit us.  We would rather dream of solutions and then act to make them a reality than talk endlessly at meetings. This is our reward.

We realize that the probability of you having all five of our traits as well as having spare uncommitted time and energy in your hectic life is low.  However, if this does describe you and you want to make a difference, come check us out.  There is a much higher probability that many of you share our strong belief in lending a helping hand to our youth so that they can have a better life and have a better future than ours.  If this is you, please take a minute and hit the CONTRIBUTE NOW button and see if there is a way for you to put your beliefs into action even though your life is busy to the bursting point.  Without you, we can’t carry out our mission.  Perhaps you can help.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Corbett Oregon

35800 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Corbett, Oregon 97019


Where We Work and Live

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