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Scholarship Connections

Bob and Dona Layton

It is our great privilege to proudly introduce you to Dona and Bob Layton.


Each year the Doug Layton Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a Corbett graduate or past graduate.  Dona and Bob generously make this scholarship available as a tribute to their son who was a past […]

Donor Connections


We could not issue three to four dozen scholarships to students each year if your generous friends and neighbors didn’t tighten their belts and provide these scholarships year after year. Take a minute and imagine what it takes to provide money to enable a young person you don’t even know to continue his/her education or […]

Important Upcoming Date


April 1 Deadline for C.E.F. scholarship applications to be received via U.S. mail or had delivered to the C.E.F. mail basket in the Superintendent’s office.

College and Career Resources

The Corbett Education Foundation believes that every Corbett High School graduate should continue their education beyond high school–including you!

 CEF offers scholarships to help make this possible.  We also recognize that these scholarships are just one part of making it to college or career school.  We hope these other […]