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The Corbett Education Foundation believes that every Corbett High School graduate should continue their education beyond high school–including you!  CEF offers scholarships to help make this possible.  We also recognize that these scholarships are just one part of making it to college or career school.  We hope these other resources help get you the rest of the way there!

Why College?

This first part is for those who are unsure about whether or not they should even go to college or career school.

You Can Go! is a website that helps answer some basic questions about college.

  • Why Go?” shows you five big reasons to go to college.
  • What’s holding you back?” is a collection of short videos featuring everyday students who made it to college even though they thought they couldn’t because of things like grades, cost, and responsibilities.

“Why should I earn a college degree?”  This infographic answers the question!

Hopefully, you are now at least considering the possibility of college or other postsecondary training.  Even if you are still on the fence, keep reading!  You will learn about FREE college, all kinds of careers, and so much more.


No matter what, you should apply for federal financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA).  Things to know..

  • You will need your parents to help you with part of it.
  • It is pretty easy.  It only takes around 30 minutes to apply.
  • Apply as soon after October 1st as possible because some Oregon aid is given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Get it submitted even if your parents aren’t done doing their taxes yet.

Apply for the FAFSA at

FAFSA: Apply for Aid Video Playlist

This collection of six short videos gives basic information on the FAFSA.

Oregon Promise

Did you know that you can go to community college for FREE or mostly free? The new Oregon Promise makes this possible!

Things to know…

  • Be sure to apply by March 1.
  • Be sure to complete the FAFSA (see above section for more info).
  • The application is easy!
  • You should apply even if you are not sure what you want to do after you graduate.

Visit the Oregon Student Aid web page to apply for the Oregon Promise.

Watch this short Oregon Promise video to learn about this amazing, new opportunity.

What can you do with the Oregon Promise?  Look at the next section to learn more about community college opportunities.

Community College

Mt. Hood Community College
Thinking of going to MHCC?  It offers a wide range of choices for all students–whether you are interested in vocational training or pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Apprenticeship Programs  Get hands-on training for a high-paying career in the trades. Lots of options like brick mason, electrician, ironworker and more!

Limited and Restricted Entry Programs  These programs train you for the workforce.  Lots of options, like welding, forestry, dental hygiene and more!

List of Career and Technical Programs by Subject  Look at this list of programs that prepare you for a job in two years or less!

Degree and Transfer Guides for 4-year Degrees  These guides can help you plan for your 4-year degree.

Degree Partnership Programs  MHCC partners with many Oregon universities.  Some 4-year degrees can be completed without having to leave MHCC.

Portland Community College
PCC is not as close as MHCC but it’s worth checking out because each community college has its own unique programs.  And, PCC has some cool ones!

List of Academic Credit Programs  Lots of programs to choose from, like Biomedical Engineering Technology, Criminal Justice, and Fire Protection Technology to name just a few!

List of One-Year (or shorter) Certificates  Perhaps you are interested in getting into the workforce as quickly as possible.  The certificates on this list will help give you an edge in the job market.  What about Business Administration or Emergency Medical Services, for example?

Dual Enrollment Programs  PCC partners with seven different universities to help you earn a 4-year degree.


There are lots of scholarships out there for all sorts of students.  Things to know…

  • Don’t sell yourself short.
  • Take the time to apply.  It’s free money!
  • Keep copies of your essays, activity lists, etc. for each application.

CEF Scholarships
Since 2000, the Corbett Education Foundation has awarded over a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships to Corbett High School graduates.
Things to know…

  • Almost all CEF scholarships are renewable for up to 5 years after graduation.
  • Deadline is April 1.
  • You have excellent chances of earning a CEF scholarship!
The Office of Student Action and Completion offers over 500 scholarships totaling over $16 million.

Things to know…

  • You only have to fill out one application.
  • Deadline is March 1.
  • Approximately 1 out 4 applicants is awarded a scholarship.

Fastweb helps find targeted scholarships just for you!

Apply for scholarships offered by the college/s you are interested in attending.  Obviously, we can’t include a list of every college out there, but here is a short list to get you started: MHCC, PCC, PSU, OSU, and U of O.

Additional Resources

Need additional help with financial aid, college admissions, college guides, career guidance and more?  Here you go!

Multnomah County Library has a great collection of resources for students and families.  Explore College Help for Teens.

Big Future can help you with every step of the process of going to college.

US Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook  The handbook is a great resource if you want to explore career options.  You can search for careers by level of education, pay, job growth or other factors.  You can also explore any occupation in depth.

Important Reminder

Scholarship Application packets are due by April 1st. They must be mailed to Corbett Education Foundation, 35800 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Corbett, OR, 97019. Electronic copies are not acceptable.


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