Get started and check out all the scholarships that YOU are eligible for. Remember the deadline is April 1st!

  • Choose Up To Three Scholarships From The Scholarship Catalog. There are different requirements for different scholarships, so choose what will be best for you.
  • Fill Out The Application Form. This is the easiest part.
  • Complete The Activities Record. You do a lot, don’t underestimate yourself! Include community activities with churches, clubs or organizations, work on a family farm, or anything extracurricular!
  • Write Your Personal Statement. It’s a 500 word statement that includes your distinguishing qualities, significant experiences, educational goals, and career and life goals. Here’s an example and some additional tips for your personal statement
  • Collect Your Letters of Recommendation. You should have already done this. Be sure to thank your teachers and bosses when you pick them up.
  • Have Someone Else Look It Over. Mistakes are easy to miss, so ask a parent or Josh or me to look it over for you.
  • Make A Copy. Once you have completed the application make a copy for yourself. You will want one for your own personal records.
  • Turn It In.

Finally, once you have completed the application form; activites record; and personal statement and have letters of recommendation and a high school transcript you can either mail it via US Postal Service, or deliver it to the CEF box in the District Office in the middle school.


From your very cool and very awesome CEF Student Ambassadors,

Cedar and Josh

Feel free to approach us anytime at school or contact us via email at or if you have any questions or want help completing your application.