Student FAQ

Question: How do I find a scholarships which appeal to me?

Answer: During your senior year, peruse the Scholarship Catalog on this website to see if there is a CEF-sponsored scholarship which presents a criteria that fits for you.  You should also consult the Independent Scholarships and Grants Catalog for scholarships unrelated to the CEF scholarship program.  It is beneficial to research these catalogs at an early stage of your senior year to help solidify funding for your educational plans.

You should also consult the “Resources for Scholarships, Grants, and Loans”” under “Scholarship Resources” on this website.

Question: How do I apply for a selected scholarship?

Answer: Once you have identified one or more CEF-sponsored scholarships in the catalog whose criteria you meet and which fits your goals, you can start by completing the Application Form.  Double-click here or on the menu button entitled “Application Form” to bring up the on-line screen provided.  This form can be used by:

    1. Current year graduates, or
    2. Corbett alumni who do not have an active CEF scholarship, or
    3. Active scholarship recipients who wsh to renew their scholarship for the upcoming school year.  Remember: All students may renew scholarships on an annual basis for a five-year period beyond graduation.
    4. This form can be completed on-line or printed with hard copy sent to the Corbett Education Foundation office via U.S. Mail.  Please keep a completed copy for your records.  Also, please submit all parts of the scholarship application at the same time so that your file is up-to-date for this step.  The completed application form and its attachments are due by April 1st in the CEF office.  Remember: Scholarship donors are interested in students whose goals and achievements meet their scholarship criteria.

Question: How do I renew my scholarship (years two through six)?

Answer: For each year that you desire to renew your scholarship, you need to fill out the Scholarship Application form.  Fill out Section 1 “Personal and Educational Information”, Section 2 “Academic Information”, Section 3 “Scholarship Information”, and Section 4 “Scholarship Information” just as you did for your initial scholarship.

Please note that Section 5 “Required Attachments”, however, has two sub-sections – one for “New Scholarships” and one for “Renewal Scholarships”.  For a scholarship renewal, you do not have to include the attachments for “New Scholarships” as you have already done that for your initial scholarship award.  You only need to include the attachments listed under the “Renewal Schlarship” sub-section for a scholarship renewal request, sign the document, enter the data, and forward the completed form to the CEF office by U.S. mail before the April 1st deadline.

Question: How do I apply for a non-CEF sponsored scholarship?

Answer: Follow the instructions listed in the catalog or “Google” the scholarship name and familiarize yourself with their website.  Once again, go after only those scholarships which are a “fit” for you.

Question: I am interested in applying for and maintaining a CEF-sponsored scholarship but there are a lot of due dates.  Will CEF send me reminders prior to documents due dates?

Answer: Yes.  CEF will send post on the CEF FaceBook page, prior to all document due dates.  It is important each student have an active FaceBook account that they check on at least a weekly basis, or make written request to CEF giving us another method of notification.  (All due dates are listed in a response to another FAQ and dates are listed on the website)

Question: I need help with the CEF application form attachments.  Can you provide some detail?

Answer: Yes, the attachments include the Activities Record, the Personal Statement, and the Letters of Support.  Details for each attachment follow:

  1. Activities Record – All first-time applicants must fill out the Activities Record.  This plank form can be found on-line.  For your convenience, a Sample Activities Record is also provided on-line.  Please include this attachment with your application form and send to us via U.S. Mail.
  2. Personal Statement – The Personal Statement must be filled out by all first-time applicants.  Two sample Personal Statements are available on-line for review prior to completing your own statement.  Please send to us via U.S. Mail along with your Application Form.  For additional assistance regarding the Personal Statement, please refer to “Tips for Completing the Personal Statement”, which is also available on-line.
  3. Letters of Support – Start this process EARLY!  You are asking busy people to take the time and effort to write a recommendation for your future which indicates that you deserve a scholarship.  Put your request in writing.  Try to hand-deliver this request in person.  Diplomatically stress the importance of the letter in regard to your continuing education