The C.E.F. Scholarship Program

The Corbett Education Foundation has as it’s mission:

“… to help provide a quality education for every student in the Corbett School District through financial and other means of support for the students, staff and programs.”

Since 2001 our primary method for achieving our mission has been to recruit individuals, families, local businesses and community organizations to create, fund and become involved with the process of providing scholarships for our graduates and alumni.

In 2022, approximately three dozen graduates received one of these local scholarships. These scholarships are renewable for five (5) years beyond graduation. This means that each scholarship has the potential to be worth up to $3,000.

Both Corbett schools and our community have come a long way in the past 20 years. Our schools now rank among the top in the nation.  Overall, our students are much better prepared to grow, learn and succeed. Our schools continue to excel through creativity and careful use of scarce resources. Our community has rallied around our Education Foundation and together we have created a model, community-based scholarship program which involves a significant number of community members.

When we present a scholarship, we are offering a “helping hand” in the form of funding to a young person who has worked hard to achieve success. In addition, each scholarship is a symbol for every student that achievement pays; that he or she can succeed. It says someone believes in them enough to back the student with their own personal funds. This symbolic message is many times stronger if the scholarship is not anonymous, but from a specific individual or group. We believe scholarships are a vital tool to help our community “grow” our future citizens.

Join us by contributing to our scholarship program.

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Important Reminder

Scholarship Application packets are due by April 1st. They must be mailed to Corbett Education Foundation, 35800 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Corbett, OR, 97019. Electronic copies are not acceptable.


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